CWFL Course Information

Florida Concealed Weapon Firearm Class

This course meets or exceeds the State of Florida requirements to obtain your Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. CWFL

The CWFL Course is approximately 4 hours long covering Firearm Safety, Pistol Parts and Operation, Fundamentals of Shooting, Loading and Unloading, Clearing Malfunctions, Ammunition Selection, Proper Grip and Stance, and Target Sighting4

Sarasota Safety & Firearm Training provides "All" Course Materials, Certificates, Application Forms, along with firearms to shoot, Ammunition, Targets and Eye and Ear Protection.a

After the completion of the classroom course we will conclude at the shooting range where you will 'live-fire' approximately 5 - 10 rounds of Ammunition to demonstrate Safe Firearm Handling Techniques

Students may bring and train with their own handgun and should provide 5 to 10 rounds of their own ammunition.